Slow PC

There is almost nothing more frustrating than a slow PC. There are many different reasons that your PC may be running slow and many of the causes can be easily fixed.

What Causes a Slow PC?

Some of the reasons that your PC may be running slow is that is has become infected with a computer virus, you may have registry errors, or your internet connection is poor. If your computer has become infected with a virus you may be able to handle it without professional help. There are several different excellent computer security software programs that may be able to get rid of the virus. However, if the virus is particularly malicious, you may need a professional to handle it for you. If your computer has recently started running slow after you've done updates or uninstalled and then reinstalled software, you may have registry errors. Those are easily fixed with a Utilities software program. A good Utilities program will also be able to go into your computer files and reclaim lost space as well as delete duplicate files. If you run a diagnostic report on your computer and don't find any viruses or any registry errors, you may have a connection issue. One of the easiest ways to fix this is to reset your modem and your router, if you are using one. You can simply unplug the router for one to three minutes and then plug it back in.


Not all hope is lost when you have a slow PC. A little bit of investigation into what the root problem is will most likely solve your problems. It's always good when a slow PC issue can be quickly and easily resolved without the intervention of a computer specialist.