One of the most dreaded comments you can hear is that you have a computer virus. The term computer virus is all encompassing and does not do true justice to the extent of the damage it can do to your computer. 

What is the Worst Computer Virus

Many people are unaware that they can get a computer virus merely from turning on their computer and connecting to the Internet without computer security. There are hundreds of thousands of different computer viruses and more are created daily. Some of the most malicious viruses are called hostageware or crimeware. This is when your computer is rendered useless unless you agree to send money to the person who infected your computer with the virus. However, paying the money to the creator of the virus will not rid you of the virus. You are going to need heavy duty computer security to remove such a malicious virus.


How to Know if You Have a Computer Virus

One of the easiest ways to determine if your computer is infected is to check its performance. An infected computer will often run sluggishly, may not direct you to the link you clicked, and may give you many pop up warnings that your computer is at risk. If you suspect that your computer has been compromised you should immediately try to remove the virus. You should invest in a strong computer security program that offers the ability to remove current viruses as well as protect against viruses in the future. Do not purchase this software online if you suspect you have a virus as your credit card information may be accessible to the person who sent you the virus. Go to a retail store and purchase security and install it on your computer.